Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DC Shunt generator

Shunt  Generator
 A shunt Generator consists of armature winding and the field winding in parallel. The magnetic field of the generator are exited by coils around the field poles. the construction of these coils and their connections to other electrical circuits determine the operating characteristics of the machine
Shunt generator connection
Shunt field generator  
 V- terminal voltage, voltage at the load,V
 IL- is the Load current
 E- Generated emf, V
 Ia- Armature current,A
 If-  Shunt field current,A

Rf- The shunt field winding, ohms
Ra-The armature winding ,ohmsThe diagram can be analyzed using KVL
at loop 1)
DC shunt generator formula

Power input or power generated = E .Ia watts
Power output or power delivered = V. IL
Losses= Electrical losses + Mechanical losses