Engineering Capabilities

Our services includes: 


  • Power system studies/modelling (Load Flow, Short Circuit  Analysis, Motor starting Static and    Dynamic Analysis)
  • Distribution and transmission  design both concrete pole, steel and lattice  tower
  • System Impact Study
  • Earthing & lightning protection studies
  • Electrical  Detailed design- Primary (substation)
  • Electrical  Detailed design- Commercial facility, high-rise and Residential
  • Electrical  Detailed design- Commercial and Industrial Facility
We ensure compliance with industry standards and legislation in evaluating your power system for new projects , modifications and rehabilitation carried out to existing plant / equipment of a power plant ,  industrial plant and  commercial facility or high rise building to ease maintenance and troubleshooting of faults in your system

Civil and Structural 

Engineeringmath can also provide the technical expertise  in Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Foundation Analysis ( Loading Tree  & Calculation for Gantry and Equipment Support)
  • Civil & structural detailed  Shop and erection drawings
  • Distribution and transmission  modelling of  concrete and steel  pole and Steel  tower
  •  Site Plans
  •  Structural Design and Planning Horizontal and Vertical Structure
  •  RC wall, Retaining wall, Trusses.

Plumbing and Piping Engineering: 

  • DVW System, Cistern and Septic Tank Design 
  • Cold and Hot Water Distribution System
  • Piping and Sanitary System

Drafting and CAD Services

  • 3D Modelling and Virtualisation (Substation, Plant, Buildings and Equipment/ Tool )
  • 2D Cad Drafting Conversion (PDF to CAD