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Friday, March 31, 2017

Design of Gridtie Solar PV System for ALPROPS Management Inc.

Design and Installation of 30kW Gridtie Solar PV System in Centennial Garden Laguna
Design and Instrallation of 100kW Gridtie Solar PV System in Sariaya Resort with NET Metering 

Grounding System Design for Chemical Charter and Coating Corporation

Supply and Installation of Industrial Fan for Ventilation System and Grounding System Design for Electric Static Discharge for Chemical Charter and Coating Corporation located at Mercedez Ave. Pasig City

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Electrical Design Projects in USA

Our freelancer have handled major electrical design projects for clients in USA. Among these projects are design contracts under MR Engineering Consultants:

80 South 5th Street, San Jose CA 95112

2.HOTEL CLARIANA-5 Storey Commercial Building
100 East Sta. Clara, & 10S 3rd St.  San jose CA. 95113

3.North Bascom- Medical Office
105 North Bascom Ave. #100 & 101 San Jose CA

4. Elite Educational Institution
155 Anza St. Fremont CA

5. St. Martin of Tours
200 O' Conner Dr. San Jose CA

Electrical Design for ME Sikat Construction Corporation

Our engineer has undergone Electrical Design of Transmission Line for a temporary facility for ME Sikat Construction Corporation. The project also includes Electrical and Plumbing Design for Ground Floor and Mezzanine of Quezon Hall U.P Diliman Campus and Asian Institute of Tech Vldg UP AIT Diliman, U.P Diliman Campus.

Additional Projects:
1. Electrical Design of Transmission line project Temporary Facility.

(Finished 1.11.17) 

Electrical redesign for Cement Manufacturer Association of the Philippines

Our Freelancer worked on the Electrical redesign of the building of Cement Manufacturer Association of the Philippines. The design works includes the details for installation of the grounding system and rewiring of  tapping to Genset. The project was successfully closed on July 2016.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Power System Study of 3x135 MW CFB Thermal Power Plant FDCMPC

Our freelancer has undertaken Power System Study for 3x135 MW CFB Thermal Power Plant of FDCMPC in Cagayan De Oro, Misamis Oriental in the Philippines. The scope of the project are Load Flow, Short Circuit Analysis and Motor Starting Analysis.